Selected Publications

I’m (still…) training myself (slowly…). The full list of my publications can be found in my Google Scholar.

Tracking single cell evolution via clock-like chromatin accessibility
Nature Biotechnology 2024
Think Before You Act: Decision Transformers with Internal Working Memory
ICML 2024
HyperMoE: Towards Better Mixture of Experts via Transferring Among Experts
ACL 2024
RoleLLM: Benchmarking, Eliciting, and Enhancing Role-Playing Abilities of Large Language Models
ACL Findings 2024
AnyGPT: Unified Multimodal LLM with Discrete Sequence Modeling
ACL 2024
Read to Play (R2-Play): Decision Transformer with Multimodal Game Instruction
CMMMU: A Chinese Massive Multi-discipline Multimodal Understanding Benchmark
MERT: Acoustic Music Understanding Model with Large-Scale Self-supervised Training
ICLR 2024
TACO: Topics in Algorithmic COde generation dataset
AI Alignment: A Comprehensive Survey
When Do Graph Neural Networks Help with Node Classification: Investigating the Homophily Principle on Node Distinguishability
NeurIPS 2023
MARBLE: Music Audio Representation Benchmark for Universal Evaluation
NeurIPS 2023, Datasets and Benchmarks Track
Running Ahead of Evolution - AI based Simulation for Predicting Future High-risk SARS-CoV-2 Variants
IJHPCA, ACM Gordon Bell COVID Finalist 2022
Interactive Natural Language Processing
MUDiff: Unified Diffusion for Complete Molecule Generation
LoG 2023
Chinese Open Instruction Generalist: A Preliminary Release
Learning Multi-Objective Curricula for Robotic Policy Learning
CoRL 2022
Biological Sequence Design with GFlowNets
ICML 2022
CoCon: A Self-Supervised Approach for Controlled Text Generation
ICLR 2021
Interactive Machine Comprehension with Information Seeking Agents
ACL 2020