Recruit Intern and Full-Time {Researcher, RA, Postdoc}

I am always interested to recruit self-motivated students to join my group as interns. I also have opennings for full-time {Researchers, Postdocs, RAs} as of 2022-Oct.

A more detailed description can be found at this Zhihu post

Drop me an email if you want to have a chat.

Current Members

I feel honored to be able to work, and grow together, with many young students with unlimited talent.


  • Ge Zhang | Drug Discovery & NLP, MSc at University of Michigan
  • Zekun Wang | Modular Transformer, MSc at Beihang University
  • Chenqing Hua | Graph neural network & Drug Discovery, MSc at McGill University
  • Zeyu Huang | Modular Transformer, MSc at Beihang University

PhD Students

  • Yiming Liang | Drug Discovery, University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Alumni (me as advisor)

These are excellent students who I advised and worked with when I worked as an independent researcher

  • Jiayi Geng | Meta Learning, Undergrad at McGill University, 2022
  • Qi Liu | Molecular Dynamics, PhD at City University of Hong Kong, 2022
  • Miao Xiong | Robust Learning, PhD at National University of Singapore, 2022
  • Haoyu He | Deep Genomics, PhD at Max Planck, 2022
  • Wei Pang | Drug Discovery, MSc at University of Waterloo, 2022
  • Maolong Yang | Retrieval-based transformer, undergrad at Yao Class, Tsinghua University, 2022

Alumni (me as mentor)

These are amazing students who I mentored and worked with when I was still a junior researcher

  • Zedian Xiao | Drug Discovery, undergrad at McGill University MSc at Stanford University
  • Bingchan Zhao | RL for power network, undergrad at Peking University MSc at Peking University
  • Zhijian Duan | RL, undergrad at Peking University PhD at Peking University
  • Mustafa Alghali | AI for social good, MSc at AMMI data scientist at Unity
  • Ronak Pradeep | Question answering, undergrad at University of Waterloo PhD at University of Waterloo
  • Ning Dai | Translation, undergrad at Fudan University PhD at Oregon State University
  • Dayiheng Liu | Text generation, PhD at Sichuan University researcher at Alibaba
  • Shangbang Long | Adversarial attack, undergrad at Peking University research engineer at Google
  • Vardaan Pahuja | Visual question answering, MSc at Mila PhD at Ohio State University
  • Danlu Chen | Hyperparameter optimization, undergrad at Fudan University PhD at UCSD
  • Ritchie Ng | Hyperparameter optimization, undergrad at NUS hedge fund director
  • Hongyin Luo | Hyperparameter optimization, undergrad at Tsinghua University PhD at MIT