TACO: Topics in Algorithmic COde generation dataset


We introduce TACO, an open-source, large-scale code generation dataset, with a focus on the optics of algorithms, designed to provide a more challenging training dataset and evaluation benchmark in the field of code generation models. TACO includes competition-level programming questions that are more challenging, to enhance or evaluate problem understanding and reasoning abilities in real-world programming scenarios. There are 25433 and 1000 coding problems in training and test set, as well as up to 1.55 million diverse solution answers. Moreover, each TACO problem includes several fine-grained labels such as task topics, algorithms, programming skills, and difficulty levels, providing a more precise reference for the training and evaluation of code generation models. The dataset and evaluation scripts are available on Hugging Face Hub (https://huggingface.co/datasets/BAAI/TACO) and Github (https://github.com/FlagOpen/TACO).